The total population of Canada is an estimated 33,777,304, about 65.1% were born outside of Canada and immigrated to this country. Canada is home to more than 220 different languages and these include Canada’s two official languages i.e English and French. Everyone in Canada is entitled to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that states that everyone has the right to live and work anywhere in Canada, the right to believe in religion or no religion, the right to speak freely, the right to vote, the right participate in peaceful political activities and more. All Canadian have human rights and responsibilities too, such as; paying your share of taxes.

Canada is known for its multicultural society, as it welcomes anyone from around the world to apply to immigrate to Canada for a permanent residence, to work, study or visit. Immigration has been a major part of the growth to the Canadian society. It is known that before the arrival of the Europeans the Aboriginal people lived in Canada.

Canada has an Immigrant-serving organization and variety of other resources that can help those who just arrive to the country and they can have a way to adjust to how Canadians greet people and learn what is considered polite behavior.

Over the past 200 years, many newcomers have helped keep Canada a peaceful and proud place to live. Justin Trudeau has plans on how he wants to reform the Immigration system in Canada. (Example, Double the number of immigration applications allowed for parents and grandparents sponsorship from 5,000 to 10,000 visas per year). Immigrants are a valued part of Canada.