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October 1, 2023

India suspends Visa services for Canada: India has suspended giving new visas to Canadian residents because of “safety dangers” to the Indian mission in Canada. BLS Worldwide, a web-based visa application focus, reported that the Indian Mission has suspended India visa administrations in Canada until additional notification. The suspension implies that Canadians who still need to get a visa can make a trip to India once the administration continues. The strategic emergency between the two nations has been rising, with India requesting that Ottawa decrease its conciliatory staff in India to match the number of Indian negotiators in Canada.

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June 20, 2023

Visa-Free Travel to Canada 2023: Canada recently announced its plan to permit people from 13 certain nations to travel visa-free, promoting international ties and increasing tourism. This necessary policy shift has drawn much attention and may drastically alter Canada’s tourist industry. In this piece, we’ll examine the specifics of this development, go through some possible advantages, and assess what it means for Canada and the other interested nations.

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November 23, 2021

Follow these easy steps to apply for Visitor Visa from inside Canada: People often mistake a work permit or study permit for a Visa but make it extremely clear a work permit or study permit is not a visa. Therefore, you do not automatically get issued a Visitor Visa when you renew your work or study permit. If you need a new visitor visa, you may need to apply for another. So in this article, we have covered the eligibility criteria and steps to apply for Visitor Visa.

Eligibility to apply for Visitor Visa from inside Canada

  • You are in Canada
  • have a valid study or work permit
  •  want to return after leaving Canada in the near future
  • Visa was only valid for single entry
  • Your current Visa has expired

If you are to leave Canada it is advisable to apply for Visitor Visa 2 months before your leaving.

Applying to renew your study or work permit online

If your application is approved, you will receive a message in your online account, before your new work or study visa is sent.  Also, You need to provide proof of approval of your application. These Include

  • A screenshot of the application approval that you received
  • Application number of the application that you dropped
  • And any document to prove you have a valid extension of study or work  permit

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 Applying for Visitor Visa online

To apply online, you need a camera or scanner to make an electronic copy of the document, and a valid credit or debit card. To obtain a suitable application you need to provide the following answers in your online tool.

Filling the application form

  • The first question, “What do you want to do in Canada?”
    if you have a valid permit to learn, then answer “study”
    or “work” if you have a valid permit to work
  • When asked “Where is your current country/region of residence?”, Select “Canada”.
  • Also, answer the questions on the next page about your work or research.
  • If given the option to extend your current work or study permit, or apply for a “temporary stay visa”. Select “Temporary Stay Visa”.
  • The application form on the document checklist is called the visitor visa (temporary stay visa) application form (IMM5257) created outside Canada.

Applying for Visitor Visa on paper

The application package

  • It has n the application guide
  • It contains all the forms to be filled out.
  • Please read the mailing instructions on this page carefully before filling out the form.
  • Also, Download the application package.

Please note the following:

  • Even if you are traveling as a member of your family, you will still need to fill out and sign your own form.
  • If you are underage(< 18), then your guardian or parent must sign the form.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • You may not be able to get a visa even if you have sent the complete application and all the required supplementary documents.
  • Additionally, be sure to send all the documents we request. Insufficient information and documents can delay your application.

Paying the application fee

  • In most cases, your fee will include the processing fee for you and everyone you include in your application.
  • You have to pay your fee online.

Third-party rates
In some circumstances, you may need to pay the following costs to a third party:

  • Your health check
  • Police certificate.

Submitting the application
After filling out the application form, please confirm the following.

  • Sign them, date them,
  • Please put all the documents and proof that you paid the application fee, in the envelope

Mailing instructions

  • Buy two 24 x 32 cm Xpresspost – National prepaid envelopes at any Canada Post retail store.
  • Place one envelope inside the other. In the second envelope, we will return your passport and other documents.
  • Add the documents you are submitting to support your application.
  • Enter your full mailing address in the Deliver field, and your Case Center mailbox address – Ottawa – in the Return Address field.
  • Also, Write down the tracking number for each envelope.
  • You will be refunded your passport by regular mail if you do not submit a second prepaid Xpresspost envelope.
  • Your passport will return by regular mail or prepaid Xpresspost envelope
  • Lastly, If you do not live in Canada, you cannot apply through the CPC-O office.

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