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Visitor Visa Extensions

Visitor visa extensions Edmonton – When you first come to Canada as a visitor, the documents to use to enter are visitor visa also called a temporary resident visa, an electronic travel authorization (eTA),a valid passport or travel document. If you want to extend your stay in Canada as a visitor , you need to apply for a visitor record. A visitor record is not a visa. A visitor record is a document that gives you the status of a visitor in Canada.

Who can Apply?

The people who want to extend there stay as visitor use visitor record . [Visitor visa extensions Edmonton] using visitor record people can also change there permit type from study permit to visitor record or from work permit to visitor record. It doesn’t matter if you entered Canada using a visitor visa, electronic travel authorization (eTA) or another document. If you want to extend your stay in
Canada as a visitor, you need a visitor record.

How to Apply?

An application form is applied online for the extension of visitor visa. By applying online your application will be processed quickly.

To apply online

  1. Scan the necessary documents and pictures
  2. Answer some question that are written on the form
  3. Pay your fees and submit the application form.
  4. Keep checking the status of the form after the submission

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