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February 27, 2023

New Immigrants Are More Likely to Be Employed Than Canadians Born in Canada: Canada has set an immigration target of welcoming 1.45 million immigrants over the next three years, with 60% projected to be through economic class programs. This influx of newcomers is expected to have multiple positive effects for the Canadian economy and society. Canada has long been known for its welcoming stance towards immigrants, and in the coming years, it plans to welcome even more newcomers. Over the next three years, Canada has set a target to welcome 1.45 million immigrants, with 60% expected to be through economic class programs. This influx of new immigrants is expected to have significant impacts on the Canadian economy and society, with many positive outcomes predicted, as demonstrated by a recent study by Desjardins on the impact of federal immigration targets.

In this article, we will explore some of these impacts, including how immigration affects the Canadian workforce, the country’s GDP growth, and the demographic makeup of the population. We will also examine some of the challenges that may arise as a result of this wave of newcomers and whether Canada is ready to handle it.

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