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April 8, 2024

Alberta and Manitoba Roll Out Provincial Attestation Letter Process

The implementation of the Provincial Attestation Letter Process (PAL), in Alberta and Manitoba (PAL) marks a significant advancement in simplifying their immigration processes for international students.

This innovative project is designed to simplify the immigration application process, particularly for individuals seeking residency in specific Canadian provinces. Despite our aim for a quick process, many may be unaware of this critical step implemented for international immigration students. Let’s go deeper into this procedure by going over the details in this post.

What is the Provincial Attestation Letter Process?

The PAL Process has been implemented in both Alberta and Manitoba to simplify the procedure that immigration applicants must go through to demonstrate that they are appropriate for residency in their respective provinces.

The purpose of these letters is to act as official endorsements from the province governments, so confirming that the applicant satisfies the necessary conditions for immigration.

It’s important to note that attestation is a time-consuming process that involves extensive paperwork, making it a tiresome ordeal for many applicants. Implementing the Provincial Attestation Letter Process (PAL) represents a significant leap forward in streamlining immigration procedures for international students in Alberta and Manitoba.

This innovative project is designed to simplify the immigration application process, particularly for individuals seeking residency in specific Canadian provinces.

Provincial Attestation Letter Process

How to Get an Alberta PAL?

Date of PAL Issue Initiation

According to the most recent information provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), on March 1st, Alberta started to issue a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL). Still, not much is known about the procedure at this time.

Application Process

According to Alberta’s provincial government website, designated learning institutions (DLIs) will serve as the primary avenue for PAL requests on behalf of admitted international students. DLIs will facilitate the PAL application process, streamlining it for eligible candidates seeking residency in Alberta.

Students are encouraged to contact their individual school’s registrar to begin this process to receive more direction and explanation.

DLI Conditions

To be eligible for a Provincial Attestation Letter Process (PAL)  request via a DLI, overseas students might have to provide further evidence of their dedication to their selected university.

Some DLIs in Alberta, including the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. For example, there could be further requirements that applicants must meet in addition to accepting their admission offer, like making a deposit payment.

Notification Procedure

Most Alberta-based universities will email students using the email address they provided throughout the application process to inform them when their PAL has been successfully issued. After that, students can use their PAL to view and download it to submit their last study permit application.

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Obtaining a PAL in Manitoba

Starting of the PAL Issue

According to the official IRCC webpage, Manitoba’s provincial government started issuing PALs to overseas students on March 4th, 2024.

Utilization through DLIs

DLIs located throughout the province will facilitate Provincial Attestation Letter Process in Manitoba, in a manner akin to that of Alberta. When applying for a PAL, international students must contact their preferred DLI, who may need to receive a deposit before starting the application process.

University-Related Specifications

For example, the official criteria of the University of Manitoba state that to apply for PAL, you must submit a non-refundable tuition deposit of CAD 2,000 using a credit card. This deposit needs to be paid within a certain amount of time after the student’s application has been decided.

Each DLI’s specific requirements

In Manitoba, different DLIs may have different standards for PAL requests. Therefore, it is recommended that prospective overseas students carefully go over and comprehend these requirements by speaking with the registrar of the institution of their choice in person during the application process.

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The Provincial Attestation Letter Process has helped both Alberta and Manitoba significantly in streamlining their immigration laws and drawing in talented immigrants. This creative strategy makes it easier for foreigners who want to settle in these provinces to transition.

Alberta and Manitoba are creating an atmosphere that is favourable to the effective integration of newcomers by expediting the application process and improving clarity in immigration requirements. This proactive effort is a reflection of the provinces’ dedication to embracing and assisting people from various backgrounds who want to relocate to Alberta or Manitoba.

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