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March 22, 2021

How to apply for Visitor Visa Extension in Canada to stay longer?

A person when first comes to Canada as a visitor, the important documents that are required for getting their entry in Canada are visitor visas also called temporary resident visas. If the applicant has applied for a visitor visa extension to extend their stay in Canada as a visitor, then they need to apply for a particular document that is called the visitor record.

Visitor Visa Extension

When a person first arrives in Canada as a visitor, the documents that are used for entering are visitor visas also called temporary resident visas. If the person has applied for a visitor visa extension to extend their stay in Canada as a visitor, then he needs to apply for a document called the visitor record. A visitor record cannot be considered a visa. A visitor record is basically a document that gives the candidate the status as a visitor in Canada. In the recent scenario, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a large number of restrictions on traveling. Closing of borders, cancellation of flights, and suspension of visas have greatly impacted global movement. There are many people who have been aground in Canada and are unable to return to their homes. So, people in this condition may get worried thinking about the expiration of their visa. When this type of situation came into the picture one can apply for an extension of their visa. The applicant is allowed to leave Canada and return back as long as their visitor visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is has validation. If their visitor visa or eTA get expired, then they must apply for the new visitor visa and must receive the new visa before leaving Canada.

How to apply for a visitor visa extension?

The procedure to apply for a visitor visa extension is online because by applying through online mode the application will
be processed quickly. So to apply online the candidate has to

1. Scan all the necessary documentation
2. Answer some necessary questions which are mention in the application form.
3. provide Payment of the fees and then submission of that application.

After submission candidate should keep checking out the status of his form.


It doesn’t matter if an applicant has entered Canada using the visitor visa, the Electronic travel authorization (eTA), or some other documentation. If he wants to extend his stay as a visitor in Canada, then will definitely need the visitor record. When the candidate extends their employment, their visitor record is also extended. This means that the applicant is allowed to live in Canada for the time duration of
employment authorization. The new visitor visa, that permits entry in Canada is not issued.

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Due to COVID-19, there are few changes made in the procedure, that are :

  •  how you apply procedure is temporarily changed
  •  For people who are eligible to travel to Canada there, applications are being prioritized first
  • Now applications are not processed normally
  • accurate processing of the applications is not provided.

How many times one can apply for a visitor visa extension?

There is no such limit on the number of times a person can apply for a visitor visa extension. However, the officer will consider the following:

  • History of the applicant
  • Purpose of their visit to Canada
  • Reason to extend their stay

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If your visitor visa extension application is denied, then the applicant will be given some time period of 30 days to leave. The most common reason for the denial of the application is when they feel that the applicant is trying to stay indefinitely. Usually, a visa extension will be provided for the time duration for the applicant will ask and has given valid justification for it. However, the maximum duration for an extension for which an applicant can ask for is about 6 months. For processing your application, if the applicant has applied through online mode then on average it will take 103 days, while if the applicant has applied through offline mode that is through paper applications then processing will take about 111 days.

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