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August 19, 2022

How To Cover Study Gap On Canadian Study Permit?

How To Cover Study Gap On Canadian Study permit: As we all know that a large number of students wish to move to Canada for higher studies. However, it is not that easy as students must follow some rules and regulations set by the government of Canada. One of the rules is to not have a study gap more than the set time period. Students may have gaps in their studies but nothing to worry about as this post will help you fix them. You will be provided with complete knowledge of different ways to cover the study gap. And how it reduces your chances to study abroad.

Is Study Gap Acceptable in Canada?

Cover Study Gap

The first question that comes up in the mind of students is will Canada allow them to study there with a gap? The answer is yes. The government of Canada has a set time period for which the gap is considered. So, the students only need to provide some additional documents justifying the reason for the study gap. The permitted study gaps for different levels of studies are as follows:

Diploma: 2 years

Undergraduate: 2 years

Postgraduate: 5 years

 What could be the reasons for the gap?

There could be several reasons for the gap in the studies. Some of them are discussed below:

Financial Issues

The major reason could be the finances. It is not easy to afford education abroad. The cost of education in foreign countries like Canada is higher as compared to that in India. So, not all Indian families can afford easily to send their children abroad for studies. It might take some time for them to make all the arrangements for money.

Skill development

Some students wish to learn some extra skills other than academics. To learn these skills they need to take a break from their studies. The skills can be anything like Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Photography, etc. that will help them to have a bright future.

Medical Issues

Sometimes, students go through some health issues that might take a long time to recover. In this case, students are not able to continue their studies properly. However, if students provide valid health reports to the colleges or universities their gaps will be accepted.

Work Experience

Another possible reason for the gap in studies is the work experience that the students want to have once they are done with their graduation. This is very beneficial for the students as it will add up to their profile while searching for a job. Also, the employer will have a positive impact on this and the chances of getting a job are higher. However, the students need to show salary receipts and job experience letters to the colleges or universities to get their study gap accepted.

Apart from this, there can be a lot more reasons for the study gap. But the students need to cover the study gap if they want to get admission to any college or university. There are several ways in which the students can cover the study gap and these ways will be discussed further in the post.

How can students cover their study gap?

Changes in express entry

It is important to note that if the students have a gap of more than 1 year then only they need to justify it.  There are four main reasons by which you can justify your study gap:

  • Educational Qualification
  • Job relevant to the future course
  • Family business
  • Agriculture

The students who have a gap after their senior high school are recommended to cover their study gap by showing certificates of some higher education in India. So, they are suggested to take admission in any relevant course to their interests for the time they are preparing for higher education in Canada.

However, the students who are done with their graduation are advised to have some sort of work experience instead of educational qualification to cover the gap. The work experience must be related to what they had studied. Also, the students must have proper documents like pay slips and experience letters to show in the file for a visa.

Apart from this, if students have some family business running they can also use it to cover the gap. They can show that they have helped their family in the business but it will require proper documents.

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