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March 19, 2023

How to renew your work permit while in Canada

If you want to continue working lawfully in Canada, you must renew your work permit while still in the country. If you want to continue working in Canada, you must renew your work permit after it ends. Work permits are typically only good for a certain amount of time. This article will walk you through the process of renewing your work permit while you are in Canada.

   Work Permit Renewal Procedure 

  •  Eligibility Criteria 

You must confirm that you are eligible to renew your work permit before you begin the procedure. Your kind of work permit, your current immigration status, and other variables will all affect your eligibility. By visiting the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website and responding to a few queries, you can determine your eligibility.

  • Decide  the kind of employment permit 

Choosing the type of work permit you require is the next stage. Various kinds of work permits are accessible, such as open work permits, work permits specific to particular employers, and more. Your current circumstances, such as whether you have a job offer from a particular employer, will determine your required work permit. To find out more about the various work visa options, go to the IRCC website.

  • Paper required for Work permit in Canada 

The next stage is to gather the necessary paperwork once you’ve decided what kind of work permit you require. Different documents are required depending on the kind of work permit you’re asking for. However, there are some typical papers you might be required to present, such as your passport, your active work permit, a letter of employment from your employer, and evidence of your right to work in Canada.

  • Work Permit Renewal application 

You can send your application for a work permit renewal once you have gathered all the necessary paperwork. Your application can be sent in by postal or online. Depending on the kind of work permit you’re applying for, the IRCC website offers comprehensive instructions on how to file your application.

  • Work Permit fee 

You’ll also need to pay the application fee when you send your registration. In addition, the cost differs depending on the kind of work visa you’re asking for and the processing period you select. On the IRCC website, you can find comprehensive directions on submitting the fee online or by mail.

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  • Obtain a fresh work visa

Finally, you will get your new work visa if your registration is accepted. While working in Canada, you must always have your new work visa. The IRCC will notify you of the reasons for the rejection if your application is denied and give you the option to challenge the decision or submit a new application.

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