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July 12, 2021

Manitoba invites total 4,999 candidates in 2021 with latest PNP draw

Manitoba invites total 4,999 candidates in 2021 with latest PNP draw: In the year 2021, Manitoba has invited 4,999 candidates through their provincial nomination program in 2021. Manitoba has just recently announced a PNP draw on 11th July, 2021 for Manitoba. In this draw an invitation of Provincial Nomination has been sent to 277 Candidates. Candidates who have received the nomination from Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP) can apply for the Permanent residency in Canada. The province generally invites the applicants to apply for one of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which are:

  • International Education Stream
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Worker Overseas

The Skilled worker streams is eligible to only the candidates who have already submitted the EOI (Expression of Interest) profile.

Manitoba invites total 4,999 candidates  | 11th July, 2021

Manitoba invites, PNP Draw, MPNP

The invited candidates might mostly be eligible for the Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream. The candidates who have job offers in their skilled occupations in the province mostly are temporary foreign workers and international graduates. The immigration candidates are also invited by two other Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) streams that are

  • International Education Stream, and
  •  Skilled Workers Overseas.

In the skilled worker streams, there are cutoff scores because they want candidates to their profile of Expression of Interest (EOI). The results of Manitoba’s recent draw that was held on July, 11 are as follows:

  • There are 201 invitations to Manitoba’s Skilled Workers who have a minimum 445 EOI score;
  • 53 invitations were from Skilled Workers Overseas to the candidates with a minimum EOI score of 703; and
  • Total 23 invitations were from the International Education Stream for the candidates with no requirement of EOI score.

Total 20 invitations which are also known as Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs), went to Express Entry candidates.

Manitoba Immigration Programs

Manitoba has many immigration programs which are dedicated to attracting international skilled people to get settled in the province. Immigration is managed by the provincial government manages through the MPNP, which provides support to the federal government in the immigration applications. The provinces of Canada are not able enough to provide permanent residency status, despite they are able to help an application by issuing them provincial nominations.

To get benefited from Manitoba’s nomination, then they will need to register their Expression of Interest (EOI) profile with the MPNP. This will help to put you in a position to get LAA by the Skilled Workers and Skilled Workers Overseas streams in Manitoba.

Manitoba ranks the candidates for the factors like human capital and their networks in the province out of 1,000 points. The Manitoba streams that are Skilled Workers and Skilled Worker Overseas Category are designed to identify candidates who meet the needs of the province’s labor market.

The overseas candidates are needed to demonstrate their connections with the province by families, past experience, or maybe an invitation by one of the Strategic Recruitment Initiatives of Manitoba. At the time of the application to get eligible enough, there is no need for the candidate to live in Manitoba. In order to get an invitation under the category of Skilled Worker, the candidate will need a full-time job offer from the local employer of Manitoba.

International graduates of Manitoba with complete education under the international Education stream might receive an LAA only if the candidate proves to the province that they have in-demand skills:

There are three pathways for the International Education Stream:

  •  Graduate Internship Pathway
  • Career Employment Pathway, and
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot.

Express Entry Manitoba

The Federal government manages the Express Entry system. The immigration candidates who are bound for Manitoba can choose this pathway for their immigration. By applying from Express Entry directly, it becomes possible to avoid the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) process. Moreover, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will invite the candidate to apply for permanent residence in Canada if they have the provincial nomination in Express Entry PNP.

Express Entry is a management system to manage applications for three federal immigration programs. When the candidate submits their profile, then you are ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). It also considers some factors like Candidate’s age, work experience, education qualification, and language.

The candidates with the highest score will receive invitations through Express Entry Draws. They can then apply for their permanent residence in Canada. If you receive an invitation from PNP then additional 600 CRS points will be added.

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