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May 3, 2021

Netflix Office Opening in Toronto | Foreigner Film Maker Eligible for Work Permit

Netflix Office Opening in Toronto | Foreigner Film Maker Eligible for Work Permit: A great news is coming from Netflix Headquarters, that they are opening their new office in Toronto. This will definitely encourage artists and interesting stories to be available for getting exposure worldwide. Netflix CEO, Ted Sarandos announced this massive news on 27th April 2021. So, all foreigners who are coming to Canada’s film industry will be now eligible for quick work permit processing. To check the process and eligibility you can get help using the below button.

Netflix Office Opening in Toronto

Prior to the pandemic, Toronto’s film, TV and computerized media area contributed some $2 billion to the nearby economy. Also, they made positions for in excess of 30,000 individuals. The film and media business has received wellbeing and security rules in the midst of the Covid flare-up and is relied upon to be a driver of monetary recuperation in 2021 and the past.

A delegate from the organization said Toronto seemed well and good for an assortment of reasons, including plenty of ability, accomplices, and worldwide celebrations around there.

The agent said Netflix hasn’t picked a definite area and desires to set up an interval office this mid-year prior to building up a perpetual shop, as per COVID-19 wellbeing and security rules.

Foreign TV & Film Workers eligible for Expedited Work Permit

Work permits are exempted from the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for the workers to immigrate through the TV and Film Production category. It might be an expensive and quite lengthy process. In some cases, people who want to enter Canada and want to work in the entertainment industry can be qualified as business visitors.

The foreign workers from the film and television industry coming to Canada might be eligible for the priority processing of work permits. Due to the fall in the year 2020,  IRCC begin measures that facilitate allow the workers who need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)  from the film and TV industry will get their work permits in about two weeks.

The candidate will need the following criteria to get eligible for the priority processing:

  • They will need to submit a work permit application online mode to work in the television and film industry.
  • Apply outside of Canada or from the U.S., unless a candidate is in the U.S. but needs a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).
  • After submission of the application, they should have self-identify as a T.V. and film worker by sending a request through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC ) web form.

Netflix Office Opening in Toronto,IRCC, work permit, Canada travel restrictions,

Effects of Canada’s travel restrictions on T.V. and film workers

For all the international travelers who are coming to Canada,  Canada has a place for corona testing and quarantine. If the candidate belongs to the television and film industry then will need to follow the same health measures as other travelers. These health measures include:

  • Before their arrival to Canada, the candidate will need to give proof of their negative report of the Covid-19 test. It must be provided within 72 hours or within 14 to 90 days after testing positive.
  • After landing in Canada you will again get tested, and another test will be taken after 14 days of quarantine.
  • Only international airports of Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are now available for cross-border travel.  Air travelers will need to take their COVID-19 test from all the international airports after their arrival. Also, they need to wait for their test results at hotels that are government-approved. All this is done at the traveler’s expense and allowed to take up to three days.
  • Canada has temporarily suspended the direct flights between India and Pakistan.

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