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June 20, 2023

Visa-Free Travel to Canada 2023: Canada recently announced its plan to permit people from 13 certain nations to travel visa-free, promoting international ties and increasing tourism. This necessary policy shift has drawn much attention and may drastically alter Canada’s tourist industry. In this piece, we’ll examine the specifics of this development, go through some possible advantages, and assess what it means for Canada and the other interested nations.

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July 5, 2021

Travelling to Canada? General Information you need to know: This pandemic has already impacted the whole world in worst ways. Canadian immigration is among those that has been impacted a lot. However, with vaccination process, Canada have been easing the travelling restriction in the first phase which is initiating from 5th July, 2021. Fully vaccinated travelers can now skip quarantine as of 12:01 AM Eastern time. Moreover, they are also not required to exercise Day 8 testing. Visitors or Canadians whoa re arriving Canada are not required to stay at the Government Authorized hotels and wait for their on-arrival test results. However, dependent adults and children who are still not vaccinated must compulsory need to quarantine for 14 days (hotel is not compulsory) irrespective of travelling to Canada along with fully vaccinated people. 

All people visiting Canada must undergo pre and post arrival test to ensure that even the fully vaccinated travelers are not having any Covid related symptoms. Also, they needs to submit all documents/information to ArriveCAN to prove that they are fully vaccinated. Read More