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May 7, 2021

What are the requirement to restart international travel in Canada?

As many Canadians are now receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, so might be the correct time to check what safety measures should be taken to safely reopen the border so as to restart international travel in Canada. As per the sayings of Patty Hajdu, the health minister of Canada is looking forward and might come up in the form of certification which will allow the Canadians who are Vaccinated to travel.

The health minister of Canada in an interview on CBC Radio’s The House said that Canadians who want to travel and same like there have been some changes made in the other types of travel requirements as a result of the events over the years, Canadians will be needed to get prepared to be able to international travel in Canada and we will make sure about this.

The immigration minister of Canada, Marco Mendicino in a virtual press conference confirmed that the departments of immigration are involved in the discussion of the introduction of the vaccine passport.

 What other countries are doing?

Most of the discussions held in other countries around international travel that focuses on the idea of vaccine passports or digital certificates for the people who were already vaccinated. You can use these documents a proof to border officials of other countries that you are vaccinated.

Officials of the European Union (EU) have proposed ease restrictions to 27 member states this week. Currently, the EU is open for only a few countries that have low COVID-19 cases. However, the EU Commission assumes that the list will get expanded if we follow this suggestion.

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Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission President has said that it is now time to encourage tourism to Europe. This proposal will only allow the entry of those people who are vaccinated and those vaccines should be by the EU, that approved vaccine includes Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.

The United Kingdom and Israel both are looking forward to adopting some type of vaccine certificate. The U.K. is using their mobile app called National Health Service (NHS), and Israel is using their Green Pass for international travel. By Green Pass, the Israelis will get allowed to visit restaurants, gyms, sporting events, or concerts.


What about international travel in Canada?

In the interview with Hajdu on CBC Radio, it is said Canada might use the already functioning mobile app called ArriveCAN as a vaccine certification and all the travelers must use this app. Before the people board on their flight, or before they arrived in Canada, travelers must submit their contact information, travel details, their quarantine plans, and self-assessment test of COVID-19.

Travelers must take COVID-19 tests before arriving in Canada and again have to take the test after arriving in Canada and the 8th day of their fourteen-day quarantine. For fourteen days of quarantine, they must stay in a government-approved hotel while they are waiting for their COVID-19 test. Candidates will get a code after their booking in a government-approved hotel for quarantine, they must enter this traveler reference code in the ArriveCAN app.

Melissa Haussman a political science professor at Carleton University in the same conference said that before the opening of the Canada-U.S. land border, both the nations should have reached a certain threshold of vaccination where the countries must be satisfied with each other’s efforts. Currently, Canada has made travel restrictions in place for travelers of all the countries including the United States till May 21, 2021. However, it is expected that these restrictions might get extended apart from the date. Travelers to Canada must follow all the additional measures such as COVID-19 tests along with a three-day quarantine in the hotel as part of the 14-day quarantine.

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