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October 25, 2022

300,000 People Getting Canadian Citizenship By March 2023

300,000 People to Get Canadian Citizenship by March 2023: According to the latest updates, Canada is going to grant citizenship to 300,000 people by March 2023. IRCC has set a new target for processing 300,000 Canadian citizenship applications by the end of March 2023. And Canada is doing very well to achieve this target as it has already invited 116,000 new citizens till now. Also, it is believed that Indians are going to benefit the most from this. So, let us know more about this latest update and the process of getting Canadian citizenship in this post.

Canadian Citizenship 2023 major updates

IRCC shared some figures for the previous year’s immigration targets. The citizenship targets for 2022-2023 are much more than the last years. Before the pandemic in 2019-2020, only 253,000 citizen files were processed. And in 2021-2022, 217,000 new citizens were welcomed. However, for 2022-2023 IRCC aims to grant 300,000 citizenships.

IRCC focuses on online citizenship applications. Before the pandemic, people used to submit paper applications for citizenship. However, the pandemic changed this process entirely online. Hence, there is a large backlog of paper applications. Following its rule of first-in-first-out IRCC is processing older paper applications however, it also aims to process digit files along to prevent backlog. It has been also mentioned that there is a need to increase the number of online applications processed for 2022-2023.

Processing time for citizenship applications is 27 months as mentioned in a report published in May. IRCC also mentioned that it targets to process 80% of the total digital applications within the standard processing time. And to achieve this, it has hired 1,000 new staff members.

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Canadian Citizenship 2022-2023Requirements for Citizenship

To be a Canadian Citizen, one must

  •  have a Canadian permanent resident
  • have lived in Canada for 3 years in the past 5 years
  • have filed taxes
  • have passed the language test
  • pass a citizenship test which includes rights, responsibilities, and knowledge of Canada

Documents Required for Citizenship

  • colored photocopy of all pages of your passport
  • photocopies of 2 personal identification proofs (driver’s license, health insurance card, passport)
  • photocopies of proof of your language ability (English or French)
  • two citizenship photos
  • application fee receipt

How to apply for Canadian Citizenship?

If you satisfy the eligibility criteria for citizenship, then you can apply for it either online or on paper. To apply, you must first fill out a form, pay the application fees and submit your file. The application fees are the same for both online and paper applications.

The application fees are:

  • $630 for adults (18 or more)
  • $100 for minors (under 18)

After you are done applying, you will receive a confirmation letter if all the documents required are complete. And IRCC will start processing your application.

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