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June 29, 2022

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship over Permanent Residency : Vlink Immigration

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship : Benefits of Permanent residency status in Canada might be highly sought-after among immigrants, but Canadian citizenship status is a true honor and comes with lots of benefits that you can’t even imagine. In this post we will be discussing about how  why immigrants to Canada should prefer Canadian Citizenship over permanent residency .

Canada has one of the highest percentages of immigrants getting citizenship when compared to various other countries worldwide due to largen number of factors that we would be discussing in detail .

Benefits of Canadian citizenship :

1. Ability to participate in elections

Getting the right to participate in Canadian politics. With Canadian citizenship, an individual gains the right to vote in Canadian elections. In addition to federal, citizens also have the freedom to vote in provincial and municipal elections. This way one has the right to chose the government of Canada.

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2. Employment opportunities

Being a citizen of Canada also greatly enhances employment opportunities for an individual. Some jobs require a high-level security clearance, which only Canadian citizens can have. This includes some jobs at the federal level which tend to pay well. Jobs that requires Canadian citizens include defense services such as Airforce jobs , Military  jobs , working as weapon scientist and lot more .

3. Dual citizenship

Canada allows dual or multiple citizenships. Any individual that becomes a citizen of Canada will not be required to choose between their new citizenship and their home country. There are number of countries in the world that give the option of dual citizenship .Immigrants coming from countries that support dual citizenship can always keep their old citizenship even if they become Canadian citizen .

4. Children become Canadian citizens 

Children are born in Canada, they automatically become Canadian citizens if their parents have Canadian citizenship there is no requirement of having to go through an application process.

5. Freedom to Travel

Citizenship gives you the right to hold a Canadian passport, which is considered to be the more powerful passport in the world. In addition to making, it easier to travel to several countries throughout the globe without a visa, it is also much simpler for a Canadian citizen to get a visa if required.

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