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May 25, 2021

CUKTCA UK Nationals eligible for expedited work permits to work in Canada

CUKTCA UK Nationals eligible for expedited work permits to work in Canada: United Kingdom Nationals can now apply for the Expedited Work Permits to visit and work in Canada, if they were previously falls under the CETA. CETA is also know as Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement which is a free trade agreement made between the European Union (EU) including member states and the Canada. The trade agreement known as Post-Brexit was signed between both parties (Canada and UK) which came into effect on 1st April, 2021. So, the nationals of United Kingdom covered under CETA can no apply for the Work Permits under the CUKTCA (Canada-UK Trade Continuity Agreement). Moreover, the Northern Ireland Nationals will also be eligible for this. The work permits applied under this program will be expedited as these does not require any LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

U.K. Nationals who are currently working in Canada under the CETA Program and wanted to extend the work permit, then they have to fill a new application under the CUKTCA Program.

Program available to CUKTCA UK Nationals

Business Visitors

Business Visitors include 2 categories, which are:


  • Short-term Business Visitors: Business Visitors can come to Canada for a specific project and can stay in Canada for up to 90 days in a six months period. The purpose of visit may include responsibilities such as marketing research, meeting and consultations, research & designs and others. The purpose of visit must not include selling physical products or any services, engaged in supply of service, receive remuneration from a Canadian source. However, it can include some exceptions.
  • Investment Purposes Business Visitors: A person visiting on business purpose must be holding a managerial or specialist position in the organization. They must only be responsible in setting up the firm and not engaged in the direct transaction with customers. Moreover, they should not receive any payments from the source of Canada.



The primary personnel which is involved in doing the investment will be eligible to stay in Canada for 1 year. Moreover, they will also be having the possibility of extension. The provisions of investors applies only to the applicants who:

  • are the investors
  • will develop, establish and administer the investment’s operation at executive or supervisory level
  • are the employees who either have committed or will commit the substantial capital amount.

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Contractors & Professionals

Independent Professionals and Contractual Service Suppliers may apply to come to Canada through the CUKTCA program. However, there are some exceptions related to the sectors in which these both category may be eligible. To epitomize, financial managers may not apply as independent professionals (National Occupational Classification equivalents of Canada’s commitments in the Canada-European Union free-trade agreement – Canada.ca).

To summarize, both category applicant must not have served the service for longer than one year and must be contracted to deliver the services that falls into the eligibility.

Intra-Company Transferees

An organization can migrate a primary personnel to Canada. It must be done under the Intra-corporate provisions or company provision. The eligible employee must be either specialist, graduate trainees or senior personnel.

Such employee or personnel can stay up to the period of 3 years or until the termination of the contract. The contract extension can be possible for 18 months.

Engineering & Scientific Technologies

In this category the applicants who have the job offer in Canada can apply under this trade agreement. The employer must submit the Offer of Employment through the Employer Portal of Canadian Government. The total fees of the Employer Compliance is $230. In both the categories the applicant must prove that he/she have the qualification to carry out the duties in Canada. There are various standards for technologists applying as legally binding assistance providers, and autonomous experts. The key contrast is that workers for hire should be a representative of the U.K.- based venture for in any event one year. Also, it should have three years of expert experience. Autonomous experts are independently employed, and they need in any event six years of expert experience.

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