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March 19, 2021

How to apply for family class sponsorship program | Immigration to Canada

Under the Family sponsorship program, the permanent residents who are already are the residents of Canada or maybe they are Canadian citizens can invite their family members to Canada to become Permanent Residents of Canada by sponsoring them. If they are sponsoring their family members then they have to take the responsibility of providing them financial support, and also the members who are being sponsored have to meet the required eligibility criteria.

Family Class Sponsorship

Under the family sponsorship program, Permanent Residents who are currently living in Canada and are Canadian citizens can sponsor their family members to become Permanent Residents of Canada. In an addition to provide financial support to their sponsored family members, the Sponsors have to meet more other eligibility criteria. The Sponsors who are qualified can sponsor their spouses and their common-law partners, children, parents, and their other family members to become residents of Canada. When you are sponsoring your spouse or your common-law partner, the applicant must have sufficient evidence with him to convince the visa officer that they are not entering the relationship for immigration purposes. There are many applicants who assume that showing a marriage certificate is enough to prove that their relationship is genuine, but this is not the case. couples with same-gender can also apply for the family sponsorship program.

How can I get sponsorship for my family in Canada?

Yes, you can get  sponsorship by following some steps which are written below:

  1. Get the application form for Family class sponsorship and fill out all the details
  2. Pay the fees of the application which include the processing fees of you and the people that are sponsored.
  3. Submit the application form through mailing

You must send both your sponsorship application and the permanent residence application for your relatives at the same time.

when you are submitting your application form then there are some requirements, which is

  • you have to provide proof of income
  • you must have an agreement in writing where you will mention to support your relatives for a certain amount of time (3 to 20 years)
  • the applicant has to include all your relative’s dependent children on your relative’s application
  • you must include all the important documents that are listed in the document checklist
  • the missing information in the documents can become the reason for the delay in your application

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In the current scenario of Canada, for Citizenship and Immigration, Canada will only abide the couples of the same gender as spouses only if they are married in Canada. Same-gender marriages which are performed outside Canada are not considered for Canadian immigration, but there is an option for these couples they can apply as common-law partners if they are living together for about one continuous year. Sometimes, the Common-law documents are difficult to obtain for couples of the same gender, especially when it comes to the countries that glare upon the same-gender relationships. Applicants may be asked to attend an interview in the visa office to review their files. This program helps to reunite families in any possible way. The residence of Canada can only sponsor the if he is at least eighteen years old. For the applicant to sponsor their relatives or other family members he has to be the person who is registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.

Family Class Sponsorship latest updates 

The recent news shows that Canada is looking forward to the process and finalize about 6,000 spousal sponsorship applications from each month between December and October 2020.IRRC (immigration refugees and citizenship Canada) has increased its staff to review the sponsorship applications so as to reduce the waiting time of the applicants and process those applications quickly and efficiently. The Foreign spouses and the common-law partners of the Canadians are unassailable from the COVID-19 travel restrictions, however, many of the couples are observing that they did not even get a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) for their spouses. so as a result of this many families are not able to live while their permanent residence applications are still under process. For a person to be sponsored using the application, he has to be sponsor’s either a child adopted outside Canada or a child who will be adopted in Canada or maybe brother, sister, niece, nephew or the grandchild who is either an orphan or is under the age of 18 years old and not married or maybe in a common-law relationship.

For more information, you can take reference from the following sites:

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