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April 26, 2021

FAQ New PR Streams Canada International Graduates, Essential Workers

FAQ New PR Streams Canada International Graduates, Essential Workers: Canada is launching six new immigration programs in May for the essential workers and international student graduates to meet its target of inviting new immigrants by following all the travel rules and restrictions. After some days, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is going to release a guide on what type of information is to be submitted by the candidates. Till now all we know about the programs is that it is based on public policies along with the briefing notes. On April 21, a meeting was held between IRCC and three other associations that represent Immigration consultants and lawyers. Based on that below are some FAQ New PR Streams Canada for Essential Workers and International Graduates.

FAQ New PR Streams Canada

Who is eligible to apply?

The application process and submission will be done through online mode. The processing of applications is based on the principle of first in first out. The application process will be based on a first in first out principle. For the applicant to meet all the eligibility criteria, there are various requirements for every program that is for the international graduates, essential workers as well as the candidates who can speak in French language and are essential workers and international graduates.

During applying, the applicant will be needed to submit a complete application, with all fee payments so as to get approved for their permanent residence in Canada. This also includes the language test documents. At the time of application submission and processing, the applicant will need to be working, they are not considered if they are on any leave like medical, maternity, or other.

What documents are needed?

Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can either refuse or approve the application forms for these immigration programs. This is the reason why an applicant has to submit everything at one time because the department of immigration might not get able to provide you a second chance to send a complete application. There are some situations where IRCC may request an applicant to give them additional documents. There is a possibility where the candidate will need to submit which are quite difficult to get at a later date like police certificates, etc. All the documents that are required for these new programs will get published in application guides. As per IRCC, the application must look up the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) application guide for hints.

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The candidate can decide their stream by using the “How to Apply Tool” and create your account. In the document checklist, the first thing that is required would be IMM 0008. IMM 0008 is a generic immigration application form. You will need a PDF reader to fill the form. As per IRCC, it is crucial to validate these forms and should be submitted with 2D barcodes.

The documents will include eligibility criteria proof, such as the proof of their studies in Canada, or maybe a study permit for instance. The documents of the language test should be taken within the past two years and must be uploaded at submission time. An applicant will also be needed to upload copies of their education credential if they are applying for the stream of an international graduate.

How much time does an application take for processing? 

Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is targeting to process all the streams within six months, while the exact processing time is yet to be set.

On what basis the intakes will be counted if candidates are eligible for more than one stream?

Applicants can select the program that they are applying for. The counting of the Intake caps will be done by the number of times they have pressed the “Submission Button”. IRCC is now planning to get a counter on their main page so as to track the submissions.

Can a candidate is able to apply for more than two immigration programs?

Yes. But candidate will need to pay the fee two times.

What is the amount of fees?

The amount of fee payment is yet to be confirmed but this is estimated that it may lie between $1,050 and $1,325.

Candidates living in Quebec can apply or not?

There is a part in the new immigration programs for the eligibility of the applicants that they must immigrate to any province except Quebec. This is to increase the immigrants who can know French outside of Quebec. Quebec also has a special agreement with Canada in which it stops the federal government from the implementation of the new immigration programs in the province.

6 new immigration programs for international graduates, workers

However,  as far as these immigration programs are concerned Quebec is eligible for education and work experience. The applicants who are Quebec-based can still qualify, but they might need to answer some questions like how will move, about their settlement, or if they have done the job earlier somewhere else.

Does a candidate need to be employed in an eligible occupation at the time of their application?

No. At the time of application, candidates can employ in an eligible occupation. All you need is to have work experience of about 1560 hours in the past three years. There are basically two streams for essential occupation. all the occupations related to healthcare comes under Stream A and the other essential occupations are under Stream B. Also if the candidate is applying as a health care worker then they cannot use Stream B, in spite of this, if the candidate is applying for essential workers stream then they can also count on Stream A.

 Is there is any requirement of medical upfront?

IRCC during COVID-19  is trying to extend medicals as much as possible for those who live in Canada. They will be dividing into two groups, in which the people first is for the people who have done medical and second is for people who never done medical. The people who have done medical should have proof.

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