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November 10, 2022

New Brunswick’s Pilot Project For Critical Workers

New Brunswick’s New Immigration Pilot For Critical Workers: New Brunswick will introduce a new pilot to overcome the labor shortages in the province. The province’s new project is New Brunswick’s Critical Worker Pilot (NBCWP). The pilot is a joint project between federal and provincial governments. And the provincial government of New Brunswick came up with this pilot to meet critical worker shortages in the province. More details about New Brunswick’s pilot project are discussed further in the post.

Key Points of New Brunswick’s Pilot Project

As mentioned above, the province has announced this project to fill labor shortages. However, this pilot is not limited to economic immigration. It also provides settlement services like skills and language training to people coming to the province through this project. Arlene Dunn- the minister for Immigration and Opportunities New Brunswick stated in his statement that this project will benefit the employers participating as well as the applicants will find work in a welcoming community. This means that this pilot is favoring both sides.

The following is the list of six employers that are selected to work with NBCWP.

New Brunswick Pilot Project

Why these employers are selected?

These six employers are selected for NBCWP due to the following reasons:

  • faultless track record in New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • good hiring practices
  • existing settlement programs

There are certain necessary conditions that employers need to fulfill to be a part of NBCWP.

  • These employers must have strong settlement plans for housing and transportation to ensure the settlement of new immigrants to the new community and job.
  • To hire talented foreign workers and for on-the-job training, there must be comprehensive human resources planning.
  • Also, employers should have a provision to provide up to 200 hours of language training.
  • Employers should support newcomers who wish to have a Canadian secondary education equivalency and provide guidance to them.

Moreover, there will regular monitoring and evaluation of this five-year program. This ensures that this program is meeting the immigration and economic needs of the province. And if this program lacks in doing so, necessary changes can be made to the pilot.

So, this new immigration program is announced in New Brunswick to achieve economic growth in the province. Also, this is an opportunity for foreign workers to come to New Brunswick- a province in Canada and settle here.

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