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April 22, 2021

Nurse Shortage Ontario | Ontario to recruit nurses to cope up with pandemic

Nurse Shortage Ontario | Ontario to recruit nurses to cope up with pandemic: Ontario experienced a shortage of registered nurses due to which it becomes difficult for the province to cope up with the pandemic. So in order to solve this issue, Ontario should recruit new nurses. There are some provinces and territories of Canada that are facing a shortage of nurses. The provinces like New Brunswick, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon are facing difficulties in recruiting nurses.

Nurse Shortage Ontario | Ontario to cope up with COVID-19

Since the year 2016, there is an increase in the number of nurses in comparison to the population of local adults in the provinces like Alberta, Newfoundland, and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. An appeal is made by Ontario PNP to other territories and provinces to provide their nurses to Ontario so as to control the situation of COVID-19 cases. For a long period of time, the vacancies for nurses have been increasing in Canada. Before the pandemic, vacancies for nurses also exists but only in specified areas like ICUs, long-term care homes, operating rooms, emergencies, etc.

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There are several reasons for the increase in vacancies of nurses:

  • Nurses are a mobile workforce and have other options
  • Many nurses are near their retirement age
  • The USA has recruited most of the Canadian nurses

In Ontario, the shortage of registered nurses has become more critical especially in recent months. As Ontario is planning to increase their healthcare capacity and the nurses who are the primary workers of ICUs. According to CBC NewsOntario may have trouble getting nurses from rest of Canada, says nurses’ association

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There are some possible solutions which include freeing up the nurses of critical care by decreasing the elective surgeries, or the nurses that are from the Canadian Armed Forces are being arranged to support the province. The shortage of about 4,415 nurses will be there in the hospital sector of Ontario over the next 4 months. The shortage of nurses shows that there is a lack of well-qualified and experienced healthcare workers in Canada. There is the possibility of recruitment of registered nurses from other countries or provinces in the coming months using various immigration programs of Canada.

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