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April 9, 2021

Sponsorship of your spouse from Hong Kong for Canadian citizenship

If you are a resident of Canada and you want your spouse or the common-law partner to stay with you, you can sponsor your spouse from Hong Kong to Canada for Canadian citizenship. To apply for the sponsorship of your spouse you have to fulfill the required eligibility criteria.

Sponsor your spouse for Candian citizenship

For the person who is sponsoring their spouse, they should have Canadian citizenship, permanent resident of Canada, or the first nation over the age of eighteen. The sponsoring person also needs to take an undertaking, that will confirm that the sponsoring person will take the financial responsibilities for himself as well as of their spouse and also the responsibility of any dependent children they have. In any case, if the sponsoring person has dependent children and they end up receiving some social assistance, then they may be needed to pay back all the things that they have received during the time period of their residence that they have agreed to give for them.

There are many different circumstances that could make the person who is sponsoring their spouse for Canadian citizenship ineligible to sponsor their spouse from Hong Kong. Apart from the violent criminal offenses of the applicant, the applicant will also be considered ineligible or inadmissible could also be inadmissible if they failed to pay their immigration loan on time, or if they are going through some bankruptcy and are not discharged, or if they already have sponsored their spouse earlier within the time period of three years of the application. The above-mentioned are some of the main factors that might affect their eligibility to sponsor their spouse for Canadian citizenship.

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For the spouse of the person who is already a Canadian citizen, you also have to follow certain eligibility criteria to get sponsored. The partner who is getting sponsored must have to be over the age of eighteen and should have decent background and security, along with a proper medical checkup. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will also verify that is your relationship has genuine or not, that is the two haven’t tied their knot just to get permanent residency in Canada.

Outland vs Inland sponsorship for Canadian citizenship

If your spouse is living in Hong Kong at the time when you and your Canadian partner are going through the process of sponsorship, then in that case you will come under the category of outland applicants. There may be the possibility that during the process of sponsorship Canadian person and their spouse can live in Hong Kong together. But for this, you both must demonstrate that you will come back to Canada when you and your spouse will get their Canadian citizenship.

If the applicant and their partner are living in Canada, then you will be processed under the category of inland applicants. There is another option for the residents of Hong Kong to enter Canada. . In the year 2021, Canada has started announcing the special immigration pathways for the residents of Hong Kong. Immigration Refugees Canadian Citizens(IRCC) has launched an open work permit in February for the people of Hong Kong who have graduated from the institution which is post-secondary.

Documentations you need from Hong Kong

According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) updated guidelines, they have asked for people to submit a record copy of their original medical birth certificate who are born in the People’s Republic of China since the year 1996. If in any case, you are not able to give this document then you are supposed to explain the reason in your explication.

The passport-holders of Hong Kong have to provide their household details in the register which is called “hukou,” and they must have proof of their marital status if they have children of age 16 years of age and above.

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