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September 23, 2021

The Canadian visitors carry on with having their work permit access

The Canadian visitors carry on with having work permit access | Canada announced the extension of a coronavirus-related measure that allows visitors permission for obtaining jobs. It is extended till February 28, 2022. Temporary residents of Canada, having valid visitor status could apply for the permission of employer-specific works within Canada since August 24, 2020. Since the workers in Canada with visitor’s visas cannot change their status without having left the country, this change is meant to be a temporary regulatory one.

In the beginning, this measure was introduced to help employers facing difficulty in finding workers. It also intended to allow Canadian visitors who faced challenges of visa status due to the Covid-19 pandemic in entering the labor market. Due to the pandemic, worldwide travel service was limited. Hence, some of the foreign workers could not leave the country, while some others had to change the status to Canadian visitors. This was because, their work permissions got expired, and they were unable to apply for the new ones because of the scarcity of employment.

When the policy was introduced, it allowed all Canadian visitors who arrived in the country before August 24 and continued to stay with a valid status of a temporary resident to apply for the permission of work. (Source: CIC News)

Eligibility criteria for Canadian visitors

The eligibility criteria to obtain permission for an employer-specific work of the ones having visitor status are :

  • The individual must be in Canada and have temporary resident status in the form of a visitor. It should include maintained status at the time of submission of the work permit application,
  • He/she should have applied for an employer-specific work permit,
  • The individual should be in Canada, carrying a valid status,
  • And, he/she must submit the application by February 28, 2022.

In addition, the policy allows foreign nationals, meeting the mentioned criteria and the ones holding a valid work permit of Canada for the previous 12 months to submit an application for interim work authorization in the time of their pending application, for their new employer.

Necessities of application of authorization of interim work

To apply for authorization of interim work, the applicants must:

  • have with them, a valid temporary status while submitting the application and be in Canada with status,
  • have the intention to work for the employer in a specific occupation mentioned on their application of work permit,
  • complete a Web form of IRCC.

Canadian visitors, PNP, express entry, permanent residence

The Canadian visitors who were able to reach the country in spite of the travel restrictions due to the pandemic will be benefitted from this extension. The travel restrictions have been easing since August due to the reopening of the border to U.S. citizens. The restrictions are at ease since September 7, 2021, for all the international travelers who are fully vaccinated.

Though Canada stands in a better position as compared to many other nations, yet it still faces the effects of disruption in economic and social issues due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, the country is trying harder to strengthen the workforce. This can be done by enabling the already residing people and the new immigrants to assist in driving the economic recovery of the country. The labor market of Canada will also be strengthened by it.

The latest figures for the labor market show that a total of 815,800 jobs were open in June. This is the highest job opening rate since the time Statistics Canada started collecting the data in October 2020. The shortage of labor could worsen in the months to come, says a recent report of RBC.

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