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December 6, 2023

Canada Unveils Immigration Levels Plan 2024-2026 – Your Comprehensive Guide to New Opportunities: Canada’s unveiling of the Immigration Levels Plan 2024-2026 marks a pivotal moment, and VLink Immigration stands as your expert companion, prepared to navigate the intricacies of this transformative policy. The roadmap ahead is clear, with ambitious targets set to welcome new immigrants, concurrently addressing crucial aspects such as housing, healthcare, and infrastructure. As we move forward, VLink Immigration invites you to join us in delving into the plan’s nuances. We are committed to providing invaluable insights and opportunities for those contemplating a new chapter in Canada. Our expertise ensures a smooth journey through the evolving landscape of Canadian immigration, guiding you toward a future enriched with possibilities and growth.

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October 28, 2023

Discover Canada’s Highest-Paying Jobs in 2023: In the Great White North, where opportunities abound, Canadians, whether native-born or immigrants, share a common aspiration – achieving financial success to secure a comfortable life for themselves and their families. The pursuit of high-paying careers is a path many tread, but which fields promise the most lucrative rewards in Canada? In this article, we delve into the highest-paying jobs in Canada in 2023, using data from the renowned employment website, Indeed. Read More

August 12, 2023

Who is Eligible for Alberta Tech Pilot Program: At Vlink Immigration, we understand that navigating the intricacies of immigration programs can be challenging, especially when it comes to opportunities like the Alberta Tech Pilot Program. This accelerated pathway offers skilled tech professionals a fast track to Canadian permanent residence (PR) through a streamlined process. Let’s delve into the key eligibility criteria and program features of the Alberta Tech Pilot Program.

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June 24, 2023

Canada has unveiled a new immigration program to fill in-demand occupations nationwide. It is in response to the rising need for qualified people. This program is a part of Canada’s continuous initiatives to draw in. In addition, it keeps bright people who can boost the economy and fill labor market gaps. Furthermore, Canada is laying the groundwork for a diverse workforce to support innovation and maintain economic development.

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September 27, 2022

What is 5 Pillar Strategy For TR To PR: According to the latest updates, the Canadian Government is now working on giving permanent residency to foreign workers or international students. On September 20, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser formulated a 5 pillar strategy for TR to PR. Canada is now going to take every step possible to help temporary residents become Canadian permanent residents. So, international students with work experience in their field will now have a chance to get permanent residency. Let us have a look at this 5 pillar strategy in detail.

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July 8, 2022

Canadian work visa extension in 2022 : Work visa extension updates: The latest updates on the Canadian work visa extension for International students:  Latest updates have been made as IRCC announced that it’s extending until February 28, 2022, a measure allowing visitors to get a Canadian work visa in 2022 (coronavirus-related).

Since August 24, 2020, temporary residents who are in Canada with valid visitor status have been able to apply for an employer-specific work permit from within Canada. This is a short-lived regulatory change as normally foreign workers who are in Canada on a visitor’s visa cannot change their status without leaving the country.

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July 4, 2022

Today’s post is about the basics of LMIA so as to know more about LMIA Canada , LMIA processing time .Learn about how to apply for LMIA in Canada  and work permits based on LMIA . Anyone can can apply for work permit provided if they have a valid  job offer from a Canadian employer . Let us start by checking what basically LMIA is .

LMIA  (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Canada 2022

LMIA is a  government approval formerly called a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). LMIA is granted in certain conditions when  a Canadian company cannot fill an edge with an area Canadian worker .
An LMIA process could be a labour market verification procedure . In this case, Employment and Social Development Canada, also called the ESDC, evaluates employment offer .the purpose of evaluation is that hiring a far off worker won’t negatively impact the Canadian workforce in future . Employers are going to be obliged to provide various information regarding the work they want to rent a distant worker. These include the quantity of Canadians who applied and also the number of Canadians who underwent the interview process, including a radical explanation for why the considered Canadian workers weren’t hired.

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June 30, 2022

There is no greater joy on earth than the joy of watching your parents and grandparents smile and be happy because of something you might have had a hand in accomplishing. If you are in Canada and want to ensure that your elderly supporters may come visit and spend some time with you in Canada witnessing the many wonders it has to offer, Super Visa is the solution for you.

The federal government does allow Canadian citizens with qualifying parents and grandparents to visit for an extended period — six months or more — and provides an application process by which to obtain a “super visa” to get them here. The big difference from a regular visitor visa? With a super visa, your visitor can stay up to two years in a single visit, and travel back and forth for 10 years.

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June 28, 2022

The Canada Express Entry Program is a points based immigration program for professionals looking to settle in Canada. It awards points to professionals based on skills, experience, Canadian employment status and provincial/territorial nomination.

Express Entry 2022 Program Canada

Key details of the program are:

  • 1. This is an online program which has no cap on applicants and is open throughout the year.
  • 2. The program applies only to Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Traders Program, and Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program.
  • 3. You must submit an Expression of Interest and apply as an applicant under any type of job mentioned in Skill Types 0, A and B.
  • 4. Your profile will be evaluated based on points and will be placed in the applicant pool.
  • 5. Canadian provinces and employers will access this pool and find talent to meet their needs.
  • 6. The highest points holders are sent an Invitation to Apply for PR.
  • 7. The number of ITAs issued is based on the Annual Immigration Level.

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June 23, 2022

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program | Immigration program for tech workers: Alberta’s immigration minister, Tyler Shandro, announced the Accelerated Tech Pathway on January 13. The province had already begun accepting applications to the new program in December.  In order to be eligible, tech professionals need to have a profile in the federal government’s Express Entry system and be eligible for the Alberta Express Entry Stream.

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