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May 11, 2022

The unemployment rate falls to low of 5.2 % in Canada

Canadian government added 15,000 jobs in April and the unemployment rate fell low to 5.2% as the job market remained heated, according to data released by Statistics Canada on Friday.
There is no sign that the tight Canadian market will ease soon. In addition to the modest number of jobs added, the unemployment rate among core-aged workers (ages 25 to 54) hit a record low, at 4.3%, as did the involuntary part-time unemployment rate, at 15.7%.
Faced with an increased cost of living because of higher inflation and enticed by high wages, some Canadians who retired at the onset of the pandemic are returning to the workplace, which helps fill some job vacancies.

Several exciting developments have happened:

  • Employment in the sector of goods-producing came down by 16,000 jobs. These were mostly in the construction field.
  • The services sector monitored a net growth of 31,4600 positions in public Administration. Growth also happened in technical, professional, and scientific services.
  • Canada added 141,000 new jobs in the past 90 days on a monthly average. The Canadian government also added 77,000 in the past 6 months.
  • On annual basis, employment grew by 5.2% in April month.
  • In the meanwhile, the unemployment rate of Canada went down to a record low of 5.2% in April 2022 following 5.3% in March.

The losses in full-time jobs were covered by part-time jobs and the number of vacancies came to 47,000.

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These are the highlights of the observations of the Statistics Canada survey report:

Rate of employment (%) 61.9
Rate of unemployment (%) 5.2
Number of unemployed people 1,085,800
Rate of participation by the labor force (%) 65.3
Youth (15-24 yrs) rate of unemployment (%) 10.1
Women (25+ yrs) rate of unemployment (%) 4.5
Men (25+ yrs) rate of unemployment (%) 4.5
Number of working people 19,600,500

These are the unemployment rates in Canadian provinces as shared by Statistics Canada:

Provinces in Canada Jobs change in April 2022 Unemployment rate (%)
Quebec -26,500 3.9
British Columbia -2,000 5.4
Saskatchewan -900 5.5
Alberta 16,000 5.9
Ontario 14,300 5.4
Manitoba -500 5.0
Nova Scotia 5,900 6.0
New Brunswick 6,700 7.0
Newfoundland & Labrador 2,500 10.8
Prince Edward Island -200 8.1
Canada 15,300 5.2

In April 2022, the industry sector of technical, professional, and scientific services added the most jobs. This sector added 15,000 jobs. The public administration sector added 17,000 jobs and that happened mostly in Quebec.

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