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March 20, 2023

Worker rights in Canada for International Immigrants

In the Canadian labor market, every year getting foreign employees is essential because thousands of temporary foreign workers are employed across different industries. Unfortunately, many international workers in Canada will need to inform about their rights and protections. Moreover, this article provides an overview of worker rights in Canada.

Worker rights in Canada 2023

Visa and Work Permit:

However, foreign employees must get a work permit and a visa to work in Canada. The work permit specifies the sort of labor that a foreign worker may perform. The employer for whom they may work and the location of their employment. Despite it is critical to highlight that foreign workers must follow the terms of their work permits and visa.

worker rights in canada

Safety and Health:

In Canada, the law requires workers positively to provide a safe and healthy work environment. This includes international employees, who can decline dangerous jobs and report workplace dangers without fear of retaliation. Furthermore, Companies must also give their personnel sufficient training and personal protective equipment to ensure safety always.


Harassment and Discrimination:

Foreign workers are protected definitely from harassment and discrimination in the workplace, including racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination. Shall provide a harassment-free workplace and take appropriate action against anybody who breaches this policy absolutely.


Language and Communication:

As has been noted, In Canada, it’s required to provide adequate language and communication assistance to international workers who speak only English or French. Hence, this involves delivering job-related instructions and training in the worker’s native language.


Employment Standards:

In addition, employment standards in Canada govern employment, such as minimum wage, overtime compensation, working hours, vacation pay, and public holidays. Now companies must follow these guidelines. And, foreign employees can register a complaint if they think their employer has infringed on their rights.


Recruitment and Placement Agencies:

Besides finding foreign labor, Canadian employers frequently use recruiting and placement services. These agencies must follow the same rules and regulations as employers and never charge people for obtaining work in Canada. Further, when dealing with recruitment companies foreign employees should exercise caution when charging fees or making misleading promises.


Immigration Status and Job Loss:

At this point, if their employer fires them or their work permit expires, foreign workers may lose their jobs. Moreover, foreign workers lay off; they may qualify for certain social benefits.

In addition, in any of way, workers are unable to find employment, their immigration status will be in danger and they have to leave Canada.

Complaints and Disputes:

Moreover, foreign workers advise filing a complaint with the appropriate government agency that believes their employer has violated their rights like the Ministry of Labour or the Human Rights Commission. In any case, if the worker cannot resolve the worker’s problem through conciliation, legal action may be necessary.

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