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April 26, 2021

1.5 million Study & Work Permit Holders for New PR Program

1.5 million Study & Work Permit Holders for New PR Program: According to the analysis, in Canada, there are nearly about 1.5 million students and workers. On May 6, some spots of permanent residency for about 90,000 will be available for Study & Work Permit Holders. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are launching six new immigration programs on May 6 for the essential workers and international student graduates. Where they will give permanent residency status to about 50,000 essential workers and about 40,000 international student graduates. The programs will close on November 5, 2021, or when all the quotas will meet.


Canada has designed these six new immigration programs as it wants to transition more temporary residents to permanent residents to complete its target of inviting 401,000 new immigrants in the year 2021. Those who live in Canada are more likely to get permanent residence now since they are not subjected to any travel restriction due to COVID-19. The Canadian government believes in high levels of immigration will help to support the post-pandemic recovery especially economically in Canada. The demand by the immigration candidates who are in Canada is to complete an English-language test because it is a major indicator to observe the interest levels of candidates in programs.

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Those candidates who are wishing to obtain their Canadian permanent residency under the economic class will need to complete a French or English language test that should be approved by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If the candidate’s mother tongue is French or English or if the candidate is familiar with English or French-speaking environment then this requirement is in place for them.

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Estimation of Study & Work Permit Holders candidates in Canada

As of December 31, 2020, the following are the number of candidates holding work and study permit:

  • 717,000  are work permit holders under IMP. The International Mobility Program allows foreign nationals to hold for a work permit in Canada. This does not require a Labor Market Impact Assessment (the purpose of LMIA is to assess how the federal government is hiring the foreign nationals is going to affect the workers of Canada)
  • 77,000  work permit candidates are under TFWP. The candidates who fall under the category of Temporary Foreign Worker Program will need a positive LMIA so as to get eligible to work in Canada
  • 530,000 candidates study permit holders.

Moreover, the following are the number of work permits that took effect in the months of January and February in the year 2021:

  • 62,000 work permits are under IMP
  • 20,000  work permits are under TFWP.

FAQ New PR Streams Canada International Graduates, Essential Workers

Assuming that the same average of the new IMP and TFWP work permits will also take effect in the months of March and April in the year 2021 where an assumption of about 82,000 other work permits are made, in first for months of the year 2021, a total of about 164,000 are taken into picture.

Grand total of Canada’s work and study permit holders

In fact, it is next to impossible even for IRCC to give accurate and precise stats and figures on the demand of the streams: Reasons are written as follows:

  • There might be duplication in the permit numbers because an individual can transition between the categories, for example; an international graduate is transitioning from the study permit to PGWP
  • Not all these candidates are interested t0 apply for permanent residence
  • There are some people who already have obtained their permanent residence or might have submitted applications. For instance, 52,708 Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates are invited under Express Entry to apply for permanent residence in the year 2021. IRCC estimates 90 percent of the candidates already residing in Canada so this figure can be deduced from this grand total. The same can be considered for the other work and study permit holders who are currently living in Canada and still are going through their immigration process for example; the spouse of the partners of the citizens of Canada living in Canada while their application is being processed by IRCC.
  • Some might not be eligible to apply for the new streams. Those people who do not have work experience in their eligible work occupation or may not get their IELTS or CELPIP result on time.
  • Others people have left Canada or their work or study permits are no longer valid.

100 Immigration Options for Permanent Residency in Canada

At the beginning of May 6,  there is a very uncertain number of people who will be applying, instead, there will be few permit holders who aim to be among those 90,000 individuals who gain their permanent residence through these immigration programs. There is nothing to get surprised if the candidate meets quotas quickly. There is no loss for the candidate if they are not among those 90,000 individuals. They are still allowed to apply for other PR programs and they also have an advantage because IRCC and the provincial governments are targeting to make temporary residents permanent residents during this pandemic period. Canada welcomes economic class immigrants mainly through Express Entry, and about 95 percent of the invitations for permanent residence in 2021 have gone to Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates.

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