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August 25, 2022

Canada Immigration Latest Updates 2022 By Sean Fraser

Canada Immigration latest updates 2022 by Sean Fraser: The immigration minister of Canada, Sean Fraser gave updates about various things in Vancouver. He spoke about the backlogs, labor shortages, and other things. Also discussed is how Immigration, Refugees,  and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is working on all these things. Moreover, IRCC announced that it will hire up to 1,250 fresh employees to clear the backlog. This post will provide you with all the details about the latest updates given by the immigration minister of Canada. Below article will provide you information about Sean Fraser’s latest announcement on Canada Immigration latest updates 2022.

Canada Immigration Latest Updates 2022

Canada Immigration Latest updates

The immigration target set for the year 2022 is to invite 431,000 permanent residents to Canada. And till now, 275,000 permanent residents have arrived in Canada between January 1 to July 31. Also, all program express entry draws that had been paused for a long time were resumed on July 6. The express entry candidates were waiting for this eagerly. However, the score cut-off for the express entry was quite high and is estimated to drop down in the future. The CRS score cut-off for the express entry draws and the number of ITAs sent to the applicants are as follows:

Date Number of ITAs issued Minimum CRS points required
Aug 17 2,250 525
Aug 3 2,000 533
July 20 1,750 542
July 6 1,500 557

Apart from this, there is an increment in the number of work permits issued to people. According to Canadian immigration’s latest updates, 349,000 new work permits are granted including 220,000 open work permits.

Also, this year 31 percent more study permits are granted as compared to the year 2021. Till now 360,000 study permits have been finalized and in the future, the number is going to rise.

A new website for Canadian immigration

Now IRCC is going to be more transparent with the public as it is going to launch a new website. There it will share all the details about backlogs or other immigration-related things in the coming weeks. It will improve the immigration system of Canada.

IRCC also mentioned the large number of applications in the portal that need to be processed . It is recorded that more than half of the applications present in the portal at the end of July have been there longer than the standard processing time. However, the current objective of IRCC is to process fresh applications within their service standards.

Click HERE to check their website.

Canadian immigration is continuously thinking of ways to clear the backlog and improve the immigration system in Canada. As mentioned earlier, the main aim of IRCC is to process 80 percent of the new applications within their processing time. To know how is it going to happen check out their new website.

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