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July 20, 2022

All-Program Express Entry Draw With ITA Up CRS Down | 20 July 2022

All-Program Express Entry draws 2022 for 20 July invited 1,750 immigrants to Canada: Express Entry 2022  draws are finally resumed . The first express entry draw for 2022 was on 6 July 2022.  The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score cut-off for that draw was 557 points. As a result,  only 1,500 applicants were able to meet this score. However, with todays all-program express entry draw, applicants can take a long breath as it seems the CRS is gradually reducing. Immigration Canada announced all-program draw on 20th July, 2022 with 1,750 invitations and 542 CRS score.

All-Program Express Entry Draw #227 | 20 July, 2022

CRS is the Comprehensive Ranking System score given to the candidates out of 1,200 on the basis of different aspects. On the basis of the CRS score, applicants can get the ITA. For the express entry draw of the previous draw that was held on 6 July 2022, the CRS score cut-off was 557 points. This score is relatively high and only 1,500 candidates met the score requirement. But for 20 July 2022,   the CRS score cut-off was 542 points. This score is relatively high and only 1,750 candidates met the score requirement.

All-Program Express Entry Draw

Invitation Round Date of Draw Number of Invitations Lowest CRS Score
#227 July 20 1750 542 (All-Program)
#226 July 06 1500 557 (All-Program)
#225 June 22 636 752 (PNP)
#224 June 08 932 796 (PNP)
#223 May25 589 741 (PNP)
#222 May 11 545 753 (PNP)
#221 Apr 27 829 772 (PNP)
#220 Apr 13 787 782 (PNP)
#219 Mar 30 919 785 (PNP)
#218 Mar 16 924 754 (PNP)
#217 Mar 02 1047 761 (PNP)
#216 Feb 16 1082 710 (PNP)
#215 Feb 2 1070 674 (PNP)
#214 Jan 19 1036 745 (PNP)
#213 Jan 5 392 808 (PNP)

Why is the CRS score cut-off too high?

It was already suggested by the IRCC that the score cut-off is going to be high whenever the Express Entry draws 2022 resumes. The trend is going to be the same for a couple of months as per recent predictions. This is mainly due to the presence of competitive candidates in the Express Entry pool. There were about 220,000 candidates waiting for the draw in the pool, which is the highest on record.

Why does IRCC aim to invite only 1,750 candidates?

Earlier Express Entry draws used to invite 3,000 to 5,000 applicants in each round. However, only 1,750 are invited this time in the All-Program Express Entry Draw 2022 for 20 July, 2022. The possible reasons for this could be:

  • A huge backlog of immigration applications
  • Reduced immigration targets for Express Entry 2022
  • Introduction of new immigration programs

Next Express Entry Draw 2022 Prediction

Express Entry draws are held every two weeks on a Wednesday. However, these draws were paused for a long time. It got resumed on  6 July. Results for the second draw of the year 2022 were out on 20 July 2022 with CRS cut off for 542 . Considering that draws are held every two weeks, the next draw is predicted to be on August 3, 2022.

CRS score cut-off is based on the number of candidates in the express entry pool and their CRS score. So, the predictions about the next draw cut-off will be made on the same basis.

The following is the list of a number of candidates in the pool and their CRS score range:

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