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June 19, 2023

How to Sponsor Your Child for Immigration to Canada

How to Sponsor Your Child for Immigration to Canada: For obvious reasons, a person could need or want to sponsor the immigration of their child to Canada. Did you know the procedure is the same as investing in your spouse? The Canadian government’s goal is to keep families together, so it’s crucial to know what to do while making that decision. For both citizens and permanent residents, Canada offers a family class sponsorship. Dependent-sponsored students may come to Canada to live with their parents and apply for permanent residency. The goal is to reunite parents and children who are living abroad.

Child sponsor

Get a Child Sponsoring to Canada

You will require and commit to ensuring that your sponsored child is financially supported and does not require social help from the Canadian government. Whether you are investing in a kid, spouse, or partner, you must first fulfill several prerequisites to become a sponsor in Canada. You might see as qualified if:

  • You are older than 18 years old.
  • You are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or a recognized Indian as defined by the Canadian Indian Act.
  • You are affluent and able to meet the demands of any grandchildren daily.
  • They shouldn’t have any convictions, be in jail or prison, be insolvent, or face any charges.
  • They shouldn’t be breaking any prior sponsorship agreements.
  • They shouldn’t take part in any immigration-related investigations.

They shouldn’t give any financial aid unless they are disabled. A dependent child may sponsor for a maximum of 10 years or until they become 25, whichever comes first. The sponsorship can remain for three years if the youngster is older than 22.

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Whether Your Child Qualifies as a Dependent

The youngster must continue to meet these requirements until they enter Canada to be eligible. Your grandchild, who depends on the primary beneficiary’s dependent kid, is regarded as an accompanying dependent if they move abroad with them. They will incorporate it into the application in such circumstances. Since they are not considered dependents of one another, they must submit their application if you sponsor more than one primary applicant to move to Canada. The beneficiary must generally not bar for any reason.

Steps to Sponsor a Child For Canadian Immigration 

It’s crucial to understand that there are two separate applications when sponsoring your child for immigration. Your child’s application for permanent residency and your application to support them will submit simultaneously. The steps for funding your child, list below!

Step 1: Get the application package.
The forms you must fill out, a document checklist, and an instruction manual are all included in this bundle.
Step 2: Pay the application fees.
The processing fees, right of permanent residency charge, biometrics fee, and other third-party expenses will typically require.
Step 3: Application Submission.
The application handbook includes mailing instructions.
Step 4: Send More Information
Your youngster may require to provide biometrics, have a medical examination, or provide police certifications while processing.

The Canadian visa office in charge of the applicant’s domicile is where the application should process. A medical checkup will require of all applicants. When your application file, the Canadian visa office will give you instructions.

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