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April 5, 2022

Provincial Nominee Program Canada draw results for march 2022

Canadian provinces regularly nominate candidates for immigration under their various provincial nominee streams. Provincial Nominee Program Canada  (PNP) issued approximately 5,000 invitations to apply for provincial nomination in March this year.


Each Canadian province or territory (except for Quebec) has at least one provincial nomination stream that is aligned with the federal Express Entry system.

List of provinces that held draws in March 2022

Here is the list of seven provinces that held PNP draws in the march month of this year.

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • PEI
  • Saskatchewan

Express Entry

Details of PNP draws held in March 2022

The details of all the PNP draws in March 2022 are given below:

Provinces and Territories Date of Draw Invitations to apply


March 8 350
March 24


British Columbia


March 2022 900


 March 2022 311


March 1, 2022  1,320
March 4 , 2022 21
March 24, 2022 471
March 30,2022 618
Prince Edward Island March 17, 2022 152
Saskatchewan March 3,2022 58
March 8,2022 85

Why Provincial Nomination Program to migrate to Canada?

This program is an option for candidates who do not get qualifies in Express Entry System. The PNP gives extra 600 points for candidates who get qualified in the two-tier application process. The Provincial Nomination Program has two categories:

  • Enhanced PNPs – Use Express Entry System to draw candidates
  • Base PNPs – Operates independently without Express Entry

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