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November 26, 2021

Saskatchewan Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot Immigration Program announced

Saskatchewan Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot Immigration Program announced: Saskatchewan announced a new immigrant pilot on November 25th. The Hard-To-Fill Skills pilot will enable Saskatchewan employers to hire international talent for some paid professions. Eligible jobs under this Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot New Immigration Pilot Program include entry-level positions that may require on-the-job training. Also, the most labor-demanding sectors in Saskatchewan include healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, ag-tech, construction, hospitality, and retail.

Saskatchewan Hard-to-Fill Skills Immigration Pilot Program

“Labor demand in the state is strong and will only increase with the major economic projects recently announced in Saskatchewan,” Jeremy Harrison, Secretary of Education for Immigration, said in a press release. This new hard-to-fill skill pilot is a step in autonomy negotiations with the federal government and will help employers access international recruitment options. As the global epidemic enters a stage of strong growth, it comes in addition to a record investment in employee training and development in the state. Hence, It advocates the motto of “Developed in Saskatchewan for Saskatchewan”

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Workers nominated through the Saskatchewan Immigration Candidate Program (SINP) would have support from communities and their employers alike. The pilot project is scheduled to start in December 2021.
As Jim Bens, president, and CEO of Saskatchewan Hospitality, pointed out in a press release “This news is very positive for the Saskatchewan hospitality industry. This pilot aims to attract talent. It is a great program for all sectors currently facing the challenges of hiring workers in the state. We always take advantage of every opportunity to hire locally. But you need to be creative to secure the right workforce to support the growth and prosperity of your business and community in Saskatchewan”. This unique program is especially useful in regards to Post-COVID immigration

 Eligibility criteria for candidates

  • There is a full-time full-time employment offer and SINP employment approval. This should be from a registered Saskatchewan employer for a qualified professional.
  • You should meet the lowest level of official Canadian language proficiency.
  • You ought to meet the minimum required education and work experience. This includes at least one year of work experience in the same job as the job offer. You can also have six months of work experience in Saskatchewan.

At this time, communication does not include information about qualified professions, minimum educational requirements, or the exact language level required.

To qualify, an employer must prove that they have made extensive employment efforts in the country before using an employment pilot. They must also demonstrate the needs and benefits of their business and meet the requirements associated with supporting the settlement of workers. Although all details have not been released yet.

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