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November 30, 2022

What Is Canadian Significant Benefit Work Permit | No LMIA

What Is Canadian Significant Work Permit | No LMIA: It is a work permit that does not require LMIA. The Canadian Significant Benefit Work Permit is for those who can bring significant benefits to the country. The benefit can be economic, cultural, or social. This is majorly beneficial for those who do not have an LMIA. Now, they can have the opportunity to work in Canada without an LMIA. However, this is only possible if they bring some significant benefit to the country. So, in this post, we will see what significant work permits and LMIA is. Also, we will discuss the eligibility criteria for the Canadian Significant Work Permit.

What is a Significant Benefit Work Permit?

The Significant Benefit Work Permit (SBWP) is a special stream designed for those individuals who can bring significant benefits to Canada. These benefits can be economic, social, or cultural. The main highlight of this work permit is that no LMIA is required to apply for Significant Benefit Work Permit.

Generally, while granting work permits to foreign workers through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), the government needs to consider its impacts on Canadian Workers. And, this is done with the help of the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Moreover, foreign workers need to get an LMIA from a Canadian employer to apply for a work permit. Here, Canadian employers need to apply for LMIA where they need to prove that they are not able to find skilled workers within Canada. Also, there are some requirements for that. You can check out more details about LMIA HERE.

However, in the case of SBWP, the benefits that foreign workers bring to the country outweigh the requirement of an LMIA. As a result, the government grants work permits without an LMIA.

significant benefit work permit details

Eligibility Criteria

There is an eligibility criterion for Significant Benefit Work Permit. The government considers the following points to decide whether to issue a work permit or not.

  • official academic documentation showing that foreign worker has obtained educational credentials related to their professional area of expertise.
  • documented evidence from past or current employers that shows the foreign worker has significant full-time work experience in the job.
  • has been the recipient of international or national awards or patents.
  • membership in organizations that require excellence of its members.
  • have held a position where they have judged the work of others.
  • proof that their work, achievements, and contributions to their field have been recognized by peers, the government, or professional associates.
  • proof of scientific or scholarly contributions to their field.
  • publications by foreign nationals in academic or industry publications.
  • foreign worker served in a leadership role in an organization with a distinguished reputation.

Benefits to the Country

As mentioned above, SBWP is a stream only for those whose work is beneficial for the country. These benefits can be:


  • Ensure that your arrival does not cause employment problems for Canadian workers or permanent residents.
  • Taking part in the advancement of Canadian industry via market expansion, job creation, and product/service innovation.
  • Providing economic stimulus to remote areas.
  • Generating new job opportunities for Canadian workers or permanent residents.


  • Engage in health and safety threats to Canadian workers or permanent residents.
  • developing products that will help in improving environmental considerations.
  • strengthening social inclusion in communities.


  • Have been a member of peer review panels or authorities to judge the work of others.
  • Recognized by their peers, governmental organizations, or professional associations in their field.
  • Renowned for their artistic and cultural endeavors.

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