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October 19, 2022

All you need to know about LMIA Canada – Benefits and requirements

LMIA is Labor Market Impact Assessment. LMIA provides employers with the legal authority to hire potential workers from outside Canada. The employer needs to send a copy of the LMIA to the employee and then the employee can apply for a work permit. The LMIA is provided by the Employment and Social Development Canada (EDSC). However, for getting LMIA, employers need to take care of certain requirements. So, in this post, the process of getting an LMIA in Canada in 2022 along with the requirements will be discussed in detail.

 Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Labor Market Assessment (LMIA) is a permission that employers in Canada need to take before hiring foreign workers. For this, employers need to apply to EDSC. The Employment and Social Development Canada (EDSC) will then take a decision based on the information provided by the employer. The EDSC will issue LMIA, only if there are no potential candidates in Canada for a particular position. While applying for an LMIA in Canada in 2022, employers are required to provide information about the number of foreign workers they want to hire, the position for which they want to hire foreign workers, and reasons why Canadian workers were not suited for that position. Moreover, the EDSC considers several factors including the employer’s profile before issuing LMIA.

Who can apply for an LMIA in Canada?

Employers who can fulfill the below-mentioned conditions can apply for LMIA in Canada in 2022.

  • Have a legitimate business
  • Offers goods and services to the public sector
  • Can pay salaries to foreign workers
  • Have an actual need for a foreign worker
  • Not laid-off employees in the 12 months preceding the application

Benefits of LMIA

LMIA Processing Time  in 2022

The processing time of LMIA  is different for different streams. The list of recent processing times for different LMIA streams is given below.

Application Type Average Processing Time
Global Talent Stream 8 business days
Agricultural Stream 13 business days
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program 7 business days
Permanent Residence Stream 17 business days
In-Home Caregivers 13 business days
High-Wage Stream 33 business days
Low-Wage Stream 29 business days

Next Step After LMIA

Once the employer’s LMIA application is approved, the employer needs to send a copy of it to the foreign worker. After receiving LMIA only, the foreign worker can apply for a work permit. The processing time for a work permit applications can vary.

The foreign worker applying for a work permit will require the following documents from the employer.

  • a job offer letter
  • a contract
  • a copy of the LMIA
  • the LMIA number

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    […] Generally, while granting work permits to foreign workers through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), the government needs to consider its impacts on Canadian Workers. And, this is done with the help of the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Moreover, foreign workers need to get an LMIA from a Canadian employer to apply for a work permit. Here, Canadian employers need to apply for LMIA where they need to prove that they are not able to find skilled workers within Canada. Also, there are some requirements for that. You can check out more details about LMIA HERE. […]

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