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April 23, 2021

5 tips to avoid refusal on immigration applications for Canada

Many people encounter some errors that are visible while filling their immigration applications and do not have proper and required documentation with them. Due to this gap, the applicant has more chances of getting rejection of PR visa application of Canada or they may get some delay in the application processing.

 Avoid refusal of immigration applications

When an applicant does their application work on their own and without any guidance then this may either lead to a complete successful submission or the complete failure for the applicant in immigration application submission. So to avoid any failure in immigration application submission or to abandon the refusal cases you must keep the following five tips in your mind:

  • As per the access to the information results, about 10 percent of the immigration applications are getting rejected because they are not complete. The same happens with Family class applications as well. It becomes necessary for the applicant to evaluate all documents checklist carefully and should check their applications at least two times before the submission.
  • Another notable mistake that applicant usually makes several times is by announcing themself as single even if they are common law throughout immigration in Canada. The meaning of common law in terms of immigration has a very broad spectrum of definitions than the other laws in different areas. It covers every scenario that anyone has shared in their marital relationship for one year or more than that. So if you are claiming yourself as single even when you are common law then this will be subjected to misrepresentation.
  • It is essential for an applicant while filling out their application form to check any charges, arrests, etc., even if the applicant does not lead to any conviction. If gets a failure to point out them then this would lead to lots of misrepresentation.
  • One of the very common and usual reasons for the misinterpretation is when some do not reveal the refusal to another country, in many cases this for the United States.
  • Applicants must be responsible enough for the reason for their visit to that country and should be eligible. People have some misconception that Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will permit them to make any mistakes in their Canada PR visa but IRCC does not take any responsibility on that part.

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