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June 28, 2022

A Step-by-Step Guide for Canada Express Entry 2022 Program

The Canada Express Entry Program is a points based immigration program for professionals looking to settle in Canada. It awards points to professionals based on skills, experience, Canadian employment status and provincial/territorial nomination.

Express Entry 2022 Program Canada

Key details of the program are:

  • 1. This is an online program which has no cap on applicants and is open throughout the year.
  • 2. The program applies only to Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Traders Program, and Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program.
  • 3. You must submit an Expression of Interest and apply as an applicant under any type of job mentioned in Skill Types 0, A and B.
  • 4. Your profile will be evaluated based on points and will be placed in the applicant pool.
  • 5. Canadian provinces and employers will access this pool and find talent to meet their needs.
  • 6. The highest points holders are sent an Invitation to Apply for PR.
  • 7. The number of ITAs issued is based on the Annual Immigration Level.

Canada PR Programs

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program : The program is mainly referred to skilled workers with professional backgrounds.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program : The program is meant for people having experience in the industrial sector or trading.
  • Canadian Experience Class : The program is related to candidates having Canadian work experience.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs: Provinces of Canada participate under the program to nominate candidates who are meeting its labour market needs.

Express Entry



The Canada Express Entry Program relies on a points-based system to evaluate applicants. The main objective of this system is to identify applicants who have the highest chance of succeeding after they migrate to Canada. The points scale has a maximum score of 1200 and evaluates you and your spouse (if any) on your:

  • 1. Age
  • 2. The highest level of education
  • 3. Language skills
  • 4. Canadian work experience
  • 5. Other work experience
  • 6. Skill transferability
  • 7. Other factors

 Apply for the Express Entry 2022 Program

Step 1: Complete your ECA

The ECA is an evaluation of non-Canadian education by Canadian standards. The ECA proves that your educational qualifications are equal to those recognized in the Canadian educational system.

Step 2: Complete your language ability tests

All Express Entry candidates must show proficiency in either English or French. You require official test scores from an approved language test in order to submit your profile. The minimum required score varies between the three Express Entry-aligned programs.

Step 3: Create your Express Entry profile

The way that the Express Entry Program works is through a selection from the different profiles submitted from potential applicants. So you will have to create your profile and prove that you are eligible.

 Step 4: Calculate your CRS score

If your profile makes it to the Express Entry pool, it is ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Criteria such as age, work experience, adaptability, etc. determine your CRS score. Your profile gets included in the Express Entry pool if you have the required CRS score.

 Step 5: Get your Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If your profile gets selected from the Express Entry pool, you will get an ITA from the Canadian government after which you can start the documentation for your PR visa.

Supporting Documents:

You will need a list of supporting documents to be able to apply for the programs. This includes:

  • 1. A valid passport of travel document.
  • 2. Language test results (English or French).
  • 3. Education Credential Assessment Report (for the Federal Skilled Workers and Experience Class).
  • 4. Job offer letter from an employer in Canada (if you have one).
  • 5. Police certificates to prove you have a clean criminal record.
  • 6. Medical examination.
  • 7. Proof that you have enough funds to cover your stay in Canada if you are invited to apply.

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