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July 7, 2022

Express Entry draw 2022 invited 1,500 immigrants : Express Entry 2022 results

Express Entry draws 2022 invited 1,500 immigrants to Canada: Express Entry 2022  draws are finally resumed and the results are out on 6 July. The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score cut-off for this draw is 557 points. As per express entry 2022 results, Only 1,500 applicants were able to meet this score.

Express Entry 2022 CRS score

CRS is the Comprehensive Ranking System score given to the candidates out of 1,200 on the basis of different aspects. On the basis of the CRS score, applicants can get the ITA.

For the express entry draw of 6 July 2022, the CRS score cut-off is 557 points. This score is relatively high and only 1,500 candidates met the score requirement.

Why is the CRS score cut-off too high?

It was already suggested by the IRCC that the score cut-off is going to be high whenever the Express Entry draws 2022 resumes. This is mainly due to the presence of competitive candidates in the Express Entry pool. There were about 220,000 candidates waiting for the draw in the pool, which is the highest on record.

express entry 2022 results

Why does IRCC aim to invite-only 1,500 candidates?

Earlier Express Entry draws used to invite  3,000 to 5,000 applicants in each round. However, only 1,500 are invited this time in the Express entry draw 2022. The possible reasons for this could be:

  • A huge backlog of immigration applications
  • Reduced immigration targets for Express Entry 2022
  • Introduction of new immigration programs

Next express entry draw 2022 Date

Express Entry draws are held every two weeks on a Wednesday. However, these draws were paused for a long time and are resumed on 6 July and the draw results are out. Considering that draws are held every two weeks, the next draw is predicted to be on July 20, 2022.

CRS score cut-off is based on the number of candidates in the express entry pool and their CRS score. So, the predictions about the next draw cut-off will be made on the same basis.

The following is the list of a number of candidates in the pool and their CRS score range:


CRS Score Range for July 2022 Number of Candidates
600-1200 669
501-600 8,773
451-500 58,040
491-500 4,670
481-490 8,227
471-480 17,617
461-470 15,522
451-460 12,004
401-450 54,735
441-450 11,339
431-440 11,957
421-430 9,213
411-420 10,609
401-410 11,617
351-400 65,460
0-300 5,172
Total 226,849



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