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July 8, 2022

Canadian work visa extension in 2022 : Work visa extension updates

Canadian work visa extension in 2022 : Work visa extension updates: The latest updates on the Canadian work visa extension for International students:  Latest updates have been made as IRCC announced that it’s extending until February 28, 2022, a measure allowing visitors to get a Canadian work visa in 2022 (coronavirus-related).

Since August 24, 2020, temporary residents who are in Canada with valid visitor status have been able to apply for an employer-specific work permit from within Canada. This is a short-lived regulatory change as normally foreign workers who are in Canada on a visitor’s visa cannot change their status without leaving the country.

Canadian Work Visa Extension 2022

The main purpose was to extending the work permit/ visa for workers in Canada is to assist employers who were having difficulty finding workers and to permit visitors facing visa status challenges thanks to the pandemic to enter the market. There has been limited travel worldwide lately . Due to this reason, some visitors were unable to depart the country, and a few foreign workers had to alter their status to “visitor” because their work permits had expired. In addition, they couldn’t apply for brand new ones because of a lack of employment.

  • have valid temporary status after they submit their application and remain in Canada with status;
  • intend to work for his or her employer and within the occupation specified on their working papers application;
  • complete an IRCC Website form.


canadian work Visa

To be eligible for an employer-specific work permit, those with visitor status must:

  • be in Canada with valid temporary resident status as a visitor, which has maintained status, at the time they submit the work papers application;
  • have submitted an employer-specific working papers application;
  • remain in Canada with a legitimate status;
  • submit the appliance no later than February 28, 2022.

The policy also allows foreign nationals who meet the above criteria and who have held a valid Canadian work visa in the previous 12 months to use for interim work authorization for the new employer while their application is pending.

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