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April 2, 2023

Renew your work Permit : Step-by-Step Guide for International Students

If you are a working candidate in Canada and your visa is about to expire then you can apply to renew your work visa. Here is a brief guide on how to renew your work permit.


If your work permit is about to expire or you want to change it. Then you must have to apply for an extension or to change the conditions of your work permit. To extend your work permit you have to apply for an n extension minimum of 30 days before the current permit expires.

How to Renew the Work Permit

The process of extension takes some time, so you have to apply for the extension a month before the expiry of the current permit. Also, the extension process is taking time more than what is expected in that case you are allowed to stay in Canada legally.

When to Apply for Work Permit

The Canadian authorities receive the extension applications through both online and offline modes . For online mode:- you must apply before midnight of the expiry date of your work permit.

Note:- The Canadian servers work on the UTC. So you must know about the difference between your local time and UTC.

For offline mode:- The authorities stamp the application on the date they receive it. In the case they receive the application after the expiry of the work permit, they count back 7 days and use that date as the date of submission.

Doceuments required to Apply for Work Permit

While applying online for the extension you need to be more careful while filling up the application. But this comes up with a lot of benefits.

  • You need some documents and a few devices to apply online:-
  • All the necessary documents
  • Scanner or a computer to produce soft copies of your documents
  • A valid debit or credit card is to pay the processing fee.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renew Work Permit

Read the instruction manual

If you are applying online then you must read the instruction guide provided by the Canadian authority. The manual contains all the necessary information like:-

which documents you require, when you have to submit those documents, how to give your biometrics, when to pay the application fees, prepare answers for the online process

Before filling up the application form you’ll be asked some questions. Your answers will be used to create a personalized checklist for the documents you submit.

Work Permit Renewal  fees &  processing time

Applying for the extension you need to pay a minimum fee to get your work permit which is $155. And if you want to apply for an open work permit. Then you have to pay an open work permit holder fee that is $100.

The processing time of the extension application is 154 days.

Create an account

The last step is to create an account on the website and then sign in.

Create account

Sign in to your account

Pay the fees

Successfully submit the application

Check your status

What are the benefits of applying online?

Applying online for the extension process provides a lot of benefits as mentioned below:-

You can be sure that your application is submitted successfully.

You’ll get a letter mentioning that you can keep working on your current permit.

No need to pay courier fees.

The authorities will receive your application instantly.

You’ll be updated on the progress of your application.

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