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June 30, 2022

Super visa 2022 process for extended families| Canadian Immigration 2022

There is no greater joy on earth than the joy of watching your parents and grandparents smile and be happy because of something you might have had a hand in accomplishing. If you are in Canada and want to ensure that your elderly supporters may come visit and spend some time with you in Canada witnessing the many wonders it has to offer, Super Visa is the solution for you.

The federal government does allow Canadian citizens with qualifying parents and grandparents to visit for an extended period — six months or more — and provides an application process by which to obtain a “super visa” to get them here. The big difference from a regular visitor visa? With a super visa, your visitor can stay up to two years in a single visit, and travel back and forth for 10 years.

 Application process for Super Visa 2022 :

The application process with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will be lengthy, and you’ve got to show the govt. with a variety of documents and assurances. These include:


Official letter of invitation: Issued to the parent or grandparent, including citizenship documents, birth certificates, proof of your relationship and assurances of monetary support during the visit.


Medical exam: this can be done by a specially designated physician, and includes a comprehensive exam, chest x-rays and lab tests.


Travel insurance: you need to also obtain travel insurance for your parent or grandparent, lasting a minimum of one year and with a minimum of $100,000 coverage. The policy must be bought from a Canadian insurance company, and you have to submit proof of purchase.

Super Visa

Though the process might seem simple it is advisable that a trusted visa consultancy assists you in the process of Super Visa owing to need for proper documentation and ever changing visa laws for which one needs to be constantly updated.


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