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July 4, 2022

How to apply for LMIA in Canada : Canada Immigration

Today’s post is about the basics of LMIA so as to know more about LMIA Canada , LMIA processing time .Learn about how to apply for LMIA in Canada  and work permits based on LMIA . Anyone can can apply for work permit provided if they have a valid  job offer from a Canadian employer . Let us start by checking what basically LMIA is .

LMIA  (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Canada 2022

LMIA is a  government approval formerly called a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). LMIA is granted in certain conditions when  a Canadian company cannot fill an edge with an area Canadian worker .
An LMIA process could be a labour market verification procedure . In this case, Employment and Social Development Canada, also called the ESDC, evaluates employment offer .the purpose of evaluation is that hiring a far off worker won’t negatively impact the Canadian workforce in future . Employers are going to be obliged to provide various information regarding the work they want to rent a distant worker. These include the quantity of Canadians who applied and also the number of Canadians who underwent the interview process, including a radical explanation for why the considered Canadian workers weren’t hired.

LMIA Streams  and Sub-Streams

In general, the more specialized the position and also the higher the compensation provided, the higher the chances of receiving a good LMIA for jobs in one in every of Canada’s main cities. this can be still true in less populous cities and regions, but obtaining an LMIA could also be easier generally.

Higher-skilled workers and lower-skilled workers have separate streams within the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The higher skilled level jobs include NOC codes such as O, A, and B are higher-skilled while the lower -skilled positions fall between skill levels C and D.

Lmia Canada

Both streams have two more sub-streams:

1) Higher-Skilled Occupations Stream — High-Wage Workers

2) Higher-Skilled Occupations Stream — Low-Wage Workers

3) Lower-Skilled Occupations Stream — High-Wage Workers

4) The Stream for Low-Wage Workers — Lower-Skilled Occupations

Work Permits Based on the LMIA:

LMIA Canada 2022 process is time taking and consist of number of steps .There is two-step process that a immigrants / oversea workers go through so as to get the Canadian work visa . First step include applying for  Labour Market Impact Assessment through ESDC . The second step is applying for Canadian work visa . One can do all the steps by himself or hire a immigration lawyer for the same .

ESDC grants  LMIA . That means a Canadian business is free to hire a foreign worker after careful examination of a number of protective labour market conditions.

Labour Market Impact Assessment Canada 2022 Processing time

In certain conditions , there is a  10-day service standard by ESDC  . Processing time various in different cases. Let us know in detail for the same .

Processing Time for LMIA 2022 :

LMIA processing durations has a big range from couple of weeks to more than a year . Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) will process an LMIA application within ten business days. Listed below are categories that have an expected work time of 10 business days:

1) Job applications for high-demand jobs in canada (trades)
2) High-paying professions (includes top 10%)
3 )Working periods with short lengths (should be less or equal to 120 days )


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