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January 28, 2023

Know about latest Changes in Express Entry 2023 for Canadian Immigration

Latest Changes in Express Entry 2023  for Canadian Immigration: In 2023 there are several changes happening in Canadian Immigration. The express entry system in Canada is also going through some changes. Express Entry is a pathway to Canadian permanent residency. There are different streams within it through which people with different backgrounds can apply for PR. It is a score-based system. The applicants receive ITA based on CRS points. CRS is a Comprehensive Ranking System. So, in this post, we will discuss the changes that are coming in express entry 2023.

Target Certain Occupations In 2023

Till now, candidates were invited for Canadian permanent residency based on their CRS scores. Ideally, applicants with the highest CRS points tend to get ITA early. However, IRCC will now target some occupations in 2023. This means candidates will be invited based on their skills or occupation. IRCC will invite candidates according to the labor demand of the country.

In 2022, Bill C-19 was proposed in parliament. A part of this bill stated that IRCC will invite candidates through certain groups or occupations. This bill got approved on June 23, 2022. As a result, IRCC got the legal authority to target certain occupations in 2023. The reason behind this is to overcome the labor shortages in the country.

Express Entry 2023 changes

Which occupations will be targeted in 2023?

There is no information about the specific occupations that will target in 2023. It is only known that people will receive invitations based on their occupation to meet the demands of the labor market. However, this will be decided by consulting a large group of experts to avoid the chances of partiality towards a certain occupation.

Moreover, the top field that can be targeted is health care. As in October there was a 6% vacancy rate in this field. Therefore, there are possibilities that in 2023 express entry might target people with healthcare professions.

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Why the Canadian Immigration  system is changing: Latest Express entry 2023 changes

The foremost reason to bring changes in the express entry system is the labor shortages in the country. This is because Canada’s population is aging and the birth rate in the country is very low. Therefore, there are not enough people in the country to fulfill the labor requirements. As a result, Canada relies on immigrants to overcome labor needs and will target specific occupations in 2023.

According to Canada’s Immigration Plan 2023-2025, 500,000 new people will be welcomed into the country. And 110,00 out of 500,000 will be invited through express entry. This shows the focus of the Canadian government on the express entry system and the need of people to overcome labor shortages in the country.

What is Express Entry in Canadian immigration

Express Entry is a pathway to Canadian Permanent Residency. This is a score-based system where people with the highest CRS score tend to receive ITA early. CRS is a Comprehensive Ranking System. There are three streams within express entry:

  • The Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class

Furthermore, the applicants can apply for any one of them to get Canadian PR. However, the eligibility criteria are different for different categories. To apply, all you need to do is create an online profile. And, after receiving ITA you need to submit all your documents to IRCC for inquiry within 60 days.

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